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Impact Ministers Mentoring Outreach


Preacher: Pst George Izunwa


Text: Matthew 3:1-6

How do you increase ministry visibility?

  1. Seek Divine announcement. Mark 9:7
  • If they must see you, God must announce you.
  • It’s either by the fulfilment of an obedience or by a moment of the Holy Ghost.

2.   Fight for territorial dominion. Luke 4.

  •   The covering cast must be removed! Both human and demonic powers.

3.   Deliver ministry relevance and peak performance. Isaiah 60:1-3.

  •   What you have is what the people need, so you cannot be hidden! Luke 8:38-40

So, how do you seek peak performance?

  • Donate yourself to your assignment.
  • Build people’s spirituality.

4.   Let there be intensity member momentum. 1 Corinthians 11:10.

5.   Make creative marketing the norm. Whatever you do not market well, do not expect it to sell well. Mark 11:1-11

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